Oct 13, 2008

Subway--the canyon, never the sandwich

I'm a slacker for not posting these sooner! We went about two weeks ago before all this crazy cold weather began. Pretty much, it's the most fantastic experience that I've had in a while. And by fantastic, of course I mean insane, funny, desperate, random, spectacular, difficult, encouraging, and adventurous! The group was old and new friends and a few strangers thrown in. Unfortunately, I didn't get pics of some of the most beautiful parts because we were in water and I had to have my camera in my dry bag. Mucho thanks for Shawn and Clay making it down here and dragging me out to Zion for day two--good times! We'll have to plan for next year--my feet might have recovered by then...And the Best Nacho award goes to Brittany and Scott for pulling the whole event together. And for knowing all the words to the Golden Girls song and torturing everyone with Nacho quotes for 12 hours. :)

good morning!! view from the top

stunning... :D

one of the waterfalls

the famous pic

some of the 'slot' part

too much homework, too sleepy....to be continued...